Cocoa Bake Shop LLC
- A Boutique Bakery -

Imaginative desserts crafted 
from scratch in Pittsburgh, PA

Meet the Artist

I'm Chanel, I have a background in graphic design & art direction, a degree in Journalism and past life as a ballerina.

How does any of this relate?...
I am happiest when I'm doing something creative.

I've turned that into a business that lets me make other people happy too...

Conceiving Cocoa -
My now husband opened a gourmet food truck in Los Angeles. I helped him with the operation and began experimenting with a modest dessert menu. Customer reactions were positive so I kept it going.
After a few years of business, we decided to relocate to his hometown of Pittsburgh to begin our next chapter together.
I continued baking post-move as a creative outlet and, to be honest, a kind-of delicious therapy.
Over time and with the support of the city; that modest dessert menu originally begun on a food truck grew into Cocoa Bake Shop.
I am extremely grateful to be able to pursue Cocoa full-time and connect with so many sweet people.
It has presented o
pportunities I'd never have anticipated, like baking iced cookies for the cast & crew of two major motion pictures filmed in Pittsburgh during 2018!

Spreading Happiness -
Real talk: Cocoa Bake Shop desserts aren't topping any health food lists. This entire company is a fantasy indulgence Sweethearts.
My goal is to make you laugh, make you smile, take you back to a fun memory and give you a break from the stress of everyday life, even if it's only for a few sweet bites.
YOU can give happiness also. Show someone you care by sending them a box of Cocoa cookies.

Sweet but Serious -
All Cocoa products are handmade fresh, with real ingredients and attention paid to every detail.
You can shop Cocoa desserts locally at the brick & mortars listed at the bottom of this page.
You can order Cocoa desserts and merchandise via the "Shop" page on this website. 


What are people saying about Cocoa?

What does Chanel put in those magical cookies?
- Shanna S.

So spot on with details of designs.
Every. Damn. Time.
- Kim W.

The birthday cookies were a huge hit!
- Emily P.

 Had my first Cocoa Bake Shop cookie last night... Wow!
Delicious and beautiful too!
- Donna J.

Those brownies are evil delicious.
- Jack B.

The cookies were amazing as always!!
- Mia S.

The Brookie was a killer!
- Lena Y.

Your cookies are works of art!
- Jessica J.

The cookies are as delicious as they look!
Trust me!
- Diane D.

Most fun and best cookies on the planet.
- Jim D.

Your cookies are officially my weakness!
- Ashley E.  

Sweet Things That Benefit The Community

Cocoa has proudly donated desserts to:

Magee - Women's Research Institute & Foundation
The largest independent research institute in the country dedicated to women's health research.

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
A nonprofit that raises awareness about mental health and provides recovery support, education & advocacy for people living with mental illness.

Lending Hearts
A nonprofit that provides emotional and social support to children & young adults with cancer and their families through community outreach programs.

Black Hawk Family Relief Fund
A community-based, volunteer organization that provides support to families facing unexpected hardships such as major medical events and floods.



Steel City Sips n' Sweets WINNER! - Best Sweet 2018

Find Cocoa:

Bantha Tea Bar
5002 Penn Ave, Pgh 15224

* Offering Cocoa Brookies & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Smallman Street Deli
2840 Smallman St, Pgh 15222

* Offering Cocoa Brookies & Brownies

Interested in offering Cocoa desserts at YOUR business?
Please email