*Storefront opening 2022



Love from our clients!
We are so grateful for you!...

What does Chanel put in those magical cookies???
- Shanna S.

So spot on with details of designs. Every. Damn. Time.
- Kim W.

The birthday cookies were a huge hit!
- Emily P.

Had my first Cocoa Bake Shop cookie last night... Wow! Delicious and beautiful too!
- Donna J.

Those brownies are evil delicious.
- Jack B.

The cookies were amazing as always!!
- Mia S.

The Brookie was a killer!
- Lena Y.

Your cookies are works of art!
- Jessica J.

The cookies are as delicious as they look!
Trust me!

- Diane D.

Most fun and best cookies on the planet.
- Jim D.

Your cookies are officially my weakness!
- Ashley E.